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Auburn University Podcasting Policy

I.  Purpose

The purpose of the Auburn University Podcasting Policy is to establish guidelines for delivering quality and meaningful podcasts from Auburn University. This policy covers valid podcasts produced by Auburn University colleges and/or schools, divisions, departments, chartered organizations, and other units with emphasis on using the delivery service known as iTunes U. Podcasts published on AU Web space, but not using AU iTunes, should follow other Auburn University and Auburn University OIT policies.

Unless otherwise specified in this policy or other Auburn University policies, use of podcasting resources associated with Auburn University's iTunes U site (AU iTunes) is restricted to support the University's mission of serving the citizens of the state of Alabama through its instructional, research, and outreach programs.

The Auburn University Podcasting Policy is based on similar policies at the University of California at Berkeley, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of Illinois-Springfield, and Southern Methodist University. 

II. Policy


AU Podcasting is an official initiative of Auburn University, and it is sponsored by the Auburn University Office of Information Technology (OIT), the Office of Communications & Marketing (OCM), and the Distributed IT Management Council (DITMC). AU Podcasting will include, but is not limited to, AU iTunes. AU iTunes is administered by the AU Podcasting Steering Committee. The AU iTunes site will be administered by OIT’s Instructional Multimedia Group (IMG).

Auburn University encourages faculty, staff and students as well as event sponsors to record and publish material of potential interest to the AU iTunes site. Content uploaded to the AU iTunes site may include audio podcasts, video podcasts, portable document formats as well as other multimedia formats.  Podcasts can also be published on regular AU web sites, independent from the AU iTunes site.

AU iTunes provides access to a wide range of Auburn-related digital media via the Apple, Inc. iTunes Store. A public site which includes lectures, event highlights, and other items of community interest. Public access podcasts are open to the general public.

Unless otherwise stated, existing Auburn University policies apply to AU Podcasting. These policies include, but are not limited to, the following:

Different policies may apply for public and for access-restricted content.

Ownership of Podcasting Content

Materials uploaded to AU iTunes or other podcasts retain the same ownership as the materials had before uploading. Ownership is covered by AU's Intellectual Property Policy, and in the case of students, policies of individual schools and departments.

Materials uploaded to AU iTunes must be sponsored and administered by an AU department/unit, chartered campus organization, faculty member, staff member, or student. Public content is automatically branded with the Auburn University logo or other identifying mark.

Apple does not allow material to be sold directly through iTunes U. However, the AU Podcasting Steering Committee considers requests from content providers to upload free "teaser" content that links to another site that sells the complete offering.

Management of AU iTunes Content

Auburn University has a Podcasting Steering Committee which is comprised of the AU iTunes Site Administrator (IMG), representative(s) from the unit support personnel, representative(s) from faculty, OCM and DITMC. The AU iTunes Site Administrator is responsible for developing procedures for managing the AU iTunes site, and this position is also responsible for monitoring the technical quality of content published on the public access site. The Site Administrator works with content creators or providers to maintain a balance between quality and bandwidth.

Each college or other major University unit has no more than two (2) assigned AU iTunes Unit Podcasting Support Personnel; the AU Podcasting Steering Committee may make an exception for those departments or individuals who regularly upload material and who have the technical expertise and equipment to create podcasts optimized for AU iTunes. AU Unit Podcasting Support Personnel are responsible for helping the Site Administrator manage the AU iTunes site in their respective units, and they approve content providers.

The AU iTunes Site Administrator (IMG), the iTunes Unit Support Personnel, and/or the Podcasting Steering Committee coordinate training as appropriate to assist faculty or others with uploading course-related podcasts.

Public content from approved individuals and/or organizations is submitted for publishing to the AU iTunes Unit Podcasting Support Personnel for their respective college or campus unit. Content to be published on the access-restricted site is the responsibility of the content creator or provider.

All recorded podcasts are stored on the Apple iTunes U server. IMG is responsible for monitoring storage and bandwidth limits on the AU iTunes site to avoid Apple charging AU additional fees or reducing storage/bandwidth. IMG receives reports from Apple regarding usage, and if any particular public access or restricted access podcast occupies large amounts of storage, the AU Podcasting Steering Committee reserves the right to request and/or remove recorded file(s) or podcasts in consultation with the content creator or provider.

The content creator or provider is responsible for maintaining local archival copies of materials uploaded to AU iTunes. Neither Apple nor the AU Podcasting Steering Committee is responsible for maintaining archival copies or the backup of any content published on AU iTunes.

The AU Podcasting Steering Committee does not monitor content on the AU iTunes site. However, upon becoming aware of content that violates any Auburn University policies or U.S. laws, the Steering Committee reserves the right to remove the offending content.

Legal and Ethical Issues

AU's expectation of copyright compliance for AU iTunes and other podcasts published on AU Web space is no different than for any other of AU's primary or secondary information servers. Content creators publishing materials for AU iTunes are responsible for ensuring the podcast contains only materials they have created and that no part of the content constitutes defamation, slander, invasion of privacy, or the violation of any right of publicity or other rights of any person or entity. If the podcast contains materials that the content creator did not create or that are not in the public domain, the content creator must secure all necessary licenses, consents and authorizations prior to uploading the content.

For resources on copyright and fair use, see the AU Libraries' copyright information page. http://www.lib.auburn.edu/access/circ/copyrightinfo.html. Questions about copyright and related issues are referred to the AU Office of General Counsel.

Content posted to the access-restricted section of AU iTunes is expected to conform to all relevant laws and guidelines, especially the Technology, Education And Copyright Harmonization (TEACH) Act.

For material owned by an individual, the content creator, not the University, is responsible for obtaining a Creative Commons (http://creativecommons.org) license or other form of protection for material uploaded to the public access section of AU iTunes.

The University encourages faculty members, staff members, students, and/or event sponsors to secure release forms from participants at the time of recording.

Relationship of AU iTunes to other AU Online Resources

Auburn University recognizes that providing podcasts is a legitimate way to increase audience and bring disparate content together into an AU-branded media gateway. Further, centralizing the publishing of content helps AU monitor quality and intellectual property concerns. However, storage and bandwidth issues may cause limits to uploaded material. The AU Podcasting Steering Committee reserves the right to limit podcasts to those which are unique to AU iTunes or which are judged by the AU Podcasting Steering Committee to be most appropriately distributed through the AU iTunes site.

III.  Effective Date


IV.  Applicability

This policy applies to all Auburn University colleges, schools, departments, divisions, units, chartered campus organizations, faculty members, staff members, and/or students.

V.  Responsibility

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) has the primary responsibility for implementing and administering the AU Podcasting Policy. Those also responsible for implementing and administering this policy include, but are not limited to, the Distributed IT (DITMC) professionals and the AU iTunes Unit Support Personnel in each college or unit.

VI. Definitions

AU iTunes: A podcasting delivery mechanism provided by Apple Inc.

Course: A course offered by any degree program at Auburn University. Degree programs and courses are listed in the AU Bulletin.

Content Creator:  A faculty member, staff member, or student who creates content to be published on the AU iTunes site.

Content Provider:  An authorized person who provides content for the AU iTunes site.

Podcast: A multimedia file that is made available to users over the Internet via syndication. Podcast formats may include audio, video (vodcast), enhanced (audio with images and web links), portable document format (PDF), as well as others.

Podcasting: Technology that allows syndication and delivery of multimedia content to a user's computer or MP3 player.

Public access: An event that is sponsored by an Auburn University unit or chartered campus organization.

Steering Committee: The committee overseeing the implementation and usage of AU iTunes; its members represent the campus groups of faculty, OIT, DITMC, and OCM.

Site Administrator:  The OIT unit responsible for managing the AU iTunes site.

Unit Support Personnel:  Personnel in each college, school, or campus unit responsible for managing the AU iTunes site for their respective unit.

User: Any individual accessing the podcast through the Internet.

VII.  Procedures

The IMG will develop and manage the procedures for podcasting, including, but not limited to, procedures for the AU iTunes Site.

VIII. Sanctions

Violators to the AU Podcasting Policy are subject to having their file(s) or content on the AU iTunes site(s) removed.
The AU Podcasting Steering Committee and/or OIT will determine when an AU Podcasting Policy violation has been made.

IX.  Exclusions


X.  Interpretation

The AU Podcasting Steering Committee is charged with interpreting and applying this policy on a routine basis; however, the Executive Director of OIT has the final authority regarding this policy.

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